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This is where I mostly upload fanart pics, photos of me cosplaying (as well as others) and random stuff.

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Black & White Chibi/SD Character Commissions
Sho-saka's Service is Open For Business! by Sho-saka

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Managed to catch up watching the 1st two epsiodes of GARO Makai no Hana (a.k.a. The Flower of Makai) and this is what I'm going to sum up as some 1st impressions while watching them. Now, I'm not going to say which fansub version I watched, because I know that this will lead to some...rather heated debate-turned-everlasting-argument on which did the better translation. So here I go:

So far, it's a bit like the original 1st series. Rough on the edges on some parts, barely scratching the surface in terms of plot; is OK since this is only the beginning and just waiting on how this will be developed. Just hoping it's not like The One Who Shines in Darkness, where the writers will somehow forget in the 2nd half on how the Golden Knight lost its gleaming shining armour in the 1st place.

And as for the characters. So about Raiga...yep, he definitely fights in a badass manner like his dad along with his mum's gentle smile (and hair colour XD). Seems that Kouga and Kaoru has managed to successfully produce and raise their lovely child. And then there's Mayuri...well, she certainly is pretty much a unique girl (i.e. emotionless and simply a Macguffin girl who may or may not served a bigger purpose as the plot goes on). However, Raiga's interaction with Mayuri is just simply cute and then it suddenly hit me as I go, 'OMG this is like the sub-love story between Kouga and Kaoru, except role reverse with Raiga taking Kaoru's place and Mayuri with Kouga in terms of personality'. Especially at the 2nd episode where Raiga gets visibly displeased on anyone who treats Mayuri as an object and insisted that she's as human as everyone else. That one screamed 'Ship Tease! Ship Tease!'. And Zaruba is Zaruba; that's all you need to know about the magical snarky talking ring. I'm going to reverse my impressions on Crow and his magical talking accessory Olva; if he turns out to be 1st-Half-Jerk!Rei V2.0 as the story goes on, I'll be very upset.

So that's my initial impressions. I'll watch some more episodes and get back to you once it reaches the halfway mark. Oh yeah, watch ZERO Black Blood. Yep, seems Rei is still kicking Horror arse as always. And yep, he still has a massive craving for some cakes, sweets and pouring ridiculous numerous teaspoons of sugar into his coffee.
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Go ask me in public, not here
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Why not see my info below. I can't be arsed to tell you here.

A Fine Art Graduate who ironically draws more stuff than making some crap installation stuff. Currently pondering on whether to choose be a freelance illustrator or a graphic novel artist while trying to find a good job, though now considering making myself one as my own boss, since the Job Centre and S**t** are f'ing useless now.

If you like my work and want to get my artwork, I'm considering on giving you the readers the chance to grab on hold on the extremely limited free artcards that I've made for any donations made to me [i.e. coming as soon as I sort these things out with PayPal and such]. In the meantime, click on the 'Pleae Donate to Sho-saka' link below if you're willing to see my work more. The donations will then be proceeded by buying some more art materials, getting the dA membership constantly on Prenimum and finally getting the Red Saints Blue Devils site its own domain site.


Because I don't have a lot of time releasing some more strips of Red Saints Blue Devils and do some more pictures than I should have, due to trying to find a decent part-time job so that I could finally fund it for a domain name of the site, I'm relying on you to keep the webcomic series and its first print publications alive. I'm really in a desperate of donations from you, because if you give me some money, I'll do the following:

- Getting the RSBD mini volume self-published as a 1st print run (thinking of 50 - 100 copies as a test). That means no middleman would come and stop me doing what I'm not supposed to do. Which means total creative freedom. And then thinking about releasing more comics in more ambitious ways than one.
- Go to as many comic conventions in the UK as I can. From MCM Expo [Manchester, London, Telford, etc] through to Thought Bubble Comic Con in Leeds and beyond, so that I could finally be there as an exhibitor, selling my own comics and products, as well as thanking/urging you to visit the RSBD site. Can't go overseas, but I'm thinking about that.

Lovely Links

My Pixiv Account
I'm crap at fluent Japanese, sorry Japanese Pixiv members. Though you're welcome to 'bookmark' me, if you want.

My Twitter Account
Though I won't accept requests from strangers that wants me to follow him/her/it/them, as I only accept those who know me personally and/or know him/her/it/them for a long time.

Red Saints Blue Devils
Red Saints Blue Devils
Webcomic that I'm starting and it all involves Saints and Demons (along with a Human) getting along very well. Okay, maybe except with a few arguments or more.

Red Saints Blue Devils Official Fansite
Want to showcase your artistic talents on the RSBD characters, whether it's in literature, art, cosplay, etc? Now's your chance to showcase it in the Official Fansite. Just don't send in the Rule 34 stuff, please.

Sho-saka's Tsundere Fanart Stuff - Exactly what it says on the tin or something. This is where I post mostly fanart pieces that I love, but refuses to tell you, due to the fact I've been trying my hardest, to knock those fangirlism feelings that everyone else seems to actively show their fondness of their fandom. Me, I go the other way.

Cosplayers Community Site Cure
My CureCos Account
Yes, I do cosplay on occassional times. But only if someone invites me to their cosplay meet (UK only, sorry) and/or when it comes to conventions (e.g. Thought Bubble and MCM Expo).

My Cosplay Island Account
Yes, I've finally got a Cosplay Island account, so now you can see the costumes that I've made over here, as well as looking at a few costume previews that I'm going to do.

My Formspring Account - If you've got any questions about me or something, please go ahead and ask me long as it's witty and not something to do with rude, trolling comments on why my art style sucks and how come I prefer Cutie Honey and those 'So-bad-it's-good' Magical Girl Shows (at least, the live action ones) aimed at adults instead of that Sailor Moon crap.


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Happy birthday. I'm still with Mike so I can't draw something special for you, but when I get back you can ask me for something nice for you.

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Happy birthday. Hope you have a nice day.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Pal! :la: :la:

Hope you have a nice party and wish you a full enjoyable, long and happy life!! ^_^
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