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Bar Tahno - Customer by Sho-saka Bar Tahno - Customer by Sho-saka
BEFORE YOU READ THE DESCRIPTION, click here and read the Bar Tahno fan comic, before you do anything.

I was testing out my new A3 scanner, which somehow turned out better than I expected and then I was testing out this picture for colour quality. Seems to be accurate, with only minor changes to via Photoshop, to get rid of the photo-blue colour pencil and that's about it.

Er, anyway, this is the 'revamp' of this beautiful bouncy boob and mysterious regular from that 'Bar Tahno' fan comic that I drew just for fun, which you can read through the 10 original pages on the link above. And before you comment, NO, SHE IS NOT MEANT TO BE TAHNO'S OC LOVE INTEREST, because this is essentially a Tahno-centric fan work with a hint of Tah(n)orra in there. Essentially, she acts as an audience surrogate (i.e. you and me), as if she's interested in Tahno's rather tragic past, considering the fact that she's a regular customer at his dad's bar, before the ex-Water/Swampbender took over shortly after his dad's unknown circumstances.

As for her appearance, originally she looks like she can be from anywhere, which is somewhere between Ba Sing Se or the outskirts of the Swamp, but in her 'revamp', I gave her some light-Swamp Tribe elements, such as the vine bracelets, the flower hair ornament and the blue-green colour theme. Speaking of colour, yes, I deliberately left the skin colour as greyscale/white, because when I was initially sketching the 'revamp' version of the characters, I was colouring in the characters' clothes and thought that actually fits in nicely, given the tone that I want to give the fan comic is sorta like Jazz-and-Seinen-meets-Avatar-The-Legend-of-Korra. And yes, I deliberately left the Customer's eyes out, because I didn't want to give her more personality, other than curious lady who likes to poke around ambiguously shady people's pasts.

BTW, I'm thinking of doing Bar Tahno in that MotionArtist program I'm experimenting, but what do you think? Is it a good idea as a fan comic?
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August 31, 2012
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